Prefab Spawner 2D


Prefab Spawner 2D allows you to place large amounts of prefabs everywhere into your scene view in 2D mode.
This easy-to-use tool simulates the use of a brush and has been designed specifically for the use in 2D games!

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– No need of a surface or collider to place objects
– Load up to 12 different slots set organized by tabs
– Support for Unity 2019 Shortcuts Manager: enable/disable the tool assigning it to whatever key you want
– Enable/Disable slots placing randomly between them
– Place mode: Single or Continuously
– Set different options for every prefab
– Randomized position
– Randomized rotation
– Randomized scale
– Set parent by drag ‘n drop
– Save/Load slots set
– Undo/Redo support
– Easy to use

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