Prefab Spawner 2D – Documentation


  1. Tabs: here you can add or remove up to 12 different tabs to manage different slots set. Each tab can have its own slots and parent.
  2. Add Prefab Slot button: tap the button to add a new empty prefab slot in the current tab.
  3. Clear Slots button: tap the button to remove all the slots in the current tab.
  4. Parent: set a GameObject parent to instantiate your prefabs as children of the specified parent.
  5. Continuous mode: toggle the button to enable/disable the Continuous mode and the Fill Rate setting. With the Continuous mode your prefabs will be instantiated continuously in the scene, like if you are drawing.
  6. Prefabs slots: here you can see and set the prefabs belongings to the current tab. Click on a prefab to enable/disable it. Every enabled prefab will be instantiated randomly during the spawning. Set the spawn rate of each prefab using the slider. A prefab is instantiated more frequently based on its spawn rate value. Click on the “X” button to remove the slot.
  7. Save/Load Slots buttons: tap the Save Slots button to save all the opened tabs with their prefab slots.
    Tap the Load Slots button to load a previously saved tabs set.


Unity 2019.1 or above

Starting from Unity 2019.1 you can enable/disable the Prefab Spawner assigning the command to whichever shortcut you want.

Open the Shortcuts Manager in Edit -> Shortcuts… and assign the command “Toggle Spawner” to your preferred shortcut.

Alternatively you can always press CTRL+SHIFT+E to toggle the spawner.

Other Unity versions

Just press CTRL+SHIFT+E to enable/disable the spawner.

CTRL + Mouse Drag

When you place a prefab, hold CTRL and start dragging the mouse horizontally to rotate the object or vertically to resize it.