Planet Base – Space Mission (Android/iOS game)

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A mobile space game for Android and iOS.

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The Game

Planet Base – Space Mission is a mobile game (available on both Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS)) where you will have to complete a countless number of different missions to achieve the main goal: reach the center of the Universe. The peculiarity of the game is that all these missions are created by the players. Players, indeed, will be able to create their own missions and publish them online, to be playable by everyone.

Reach the Planet to complete the mission and proceed to the next one. But be careful: the space is full of dangers, but there are some helpful things too. This is what you could find during your missions:

  • Asteroids: wander in space and an impact could irreparably damage your spaceship
  • Cargo spaceships: huge and strong, they go forward their path and you should avoid colliding with them
  • Sentinels: they watch specific area in space, don’t go through their field of view or the mission will fail
  • Laser Gates: they limit and protect some areas in space
  • Switches: useful to turn on or off some objects, like Laser Gates and Sentinels
  • We’ll sure find new objects soon…

Bonuses, if necessary, will help you overcome some missions:

  • Turbo: speeds up your spaceship for a limited amount of time
  • Invisibility: it’ll make you invisible to the view of Sentinels for a limited amount of time
  • Barrier: it’ll protect you against any collision for once
  • Missiles: detect and aim towards the closest target to destroy it
  • Laser Cannon: shoot with your spaceship in the direction is facing
  • Fuel: a tank of fuel, useful to refill your fuel supplies. In Planet Base – Space Mission you will have a limited amount of fuel available to reach the Planet and refill your resources.

Join the Alpha (Early Access)

You are invited to join the exclusive Alpha program to start trying the game, complete some missions and give feedbacks to help improve the game with your suggestions. You could find some bugs and we will fix them together. You will also be able to start creating and publish your custom missions. Joining the Alpha gives you:

  • 25 Mission Creator slots (instead of 10) to create your missions
  • Up to 10 placeable objects in the Mission Creator editor (instead of 5)
  • 100 free coins

Join the Alpha registering with your e-mail address below. You will be notified when the Alpha will be released.


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