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Graphic Assets – Sprite Game Object


  • Exclusive Game Object for your project
  • Useful in the mapping phase
  • Choose between: 1 Medium size object or 3 Small size objects
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About this product

Why purchase this resource?

A Game Object allows the developer to obtain simple or elaborate objects to add in the mapping phase of own game.

What is a Game Object?

A Game Object, made by Ste, represent a small or medium size sprite that improve maps and levels of the game.

Objects’ example may be: rocks, grass, shrubs, mushrooms, or bigger objects like trees, towers, walls.

What is included in the service?

Purchaising this service you can choose to receive:

  • 1 Medium size object
  • 3 Small size objects

NOTE: An object is considered “small size” when it doesn’t exceed 96px in width or height (eg: 48×96, 96×48, 96×96 they are all small size objects). This parameter is decided by the Maker and may be different in other products.




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