What is Ste’s Project?

Ste’s Project is a website that I (Stefano Mercadante) created with the purpose to show indie games developed by me.
I’m a solo indie game developer from Italy who loves videogames.

I started to make games when he was 14. I created several games during the years, so in the 2010 Ste’s Project was born with the purpose to collect and expose all these games.

At the beginning they were made using a simple tool, RpgMaker, but then some years ago it had become inevitable to switch to a more professional engine: Unity arrived allowing to make great new things. I also started studying Godot for a possible switch to it.

I’m the programmer, the game designer and the artist of all my games. I love both programming and art, so I started making resources and writing code.

Many people also helped and collaborated with me over the years to make some of these games, especially for the soundtracks.
These awesome people are listed below in the “Collaborators” section.

What I do

  • Video games development using RpgMaker, Unity, Godot
  • Coding using C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, GDScript
  • Art in Photoshop and Procreate
  • Games publishing on desktop, mobile and web browser
  • Web development using React

I would be very happy to collaborate with you on your projects if you need any help. Feel free to contact me for any reason.


Ares Vaiarelli – English translator of the Our Hero! trilogy, Eden Glosbe and some other games.

Nerghray (Bryan Sterza) – Composer of the Eden Glosbe soundtrack and the Main Theme of Our Hero! You can listen his amazing tracks on ReverbNation.

Moonatic – Tester and supporter of all the episodes of Our Hero!

Raffaele Murri & Enrico Cascavilla – Composers of the original soundtrack for the Our Hero! trilogy.