What is "Our Hero! Hyper Sword"?

Our Hero! Hyper Sword is set to be the "next step forward", culminating ten years of developing games from Ste's Project, bringing together pleasant and professionally-drawn graphics with engaging and fun gameplay.

All game assets, including character sprites, game objects and maps, are being hand-drawn by Ste. Also, development involves using more advanced tools and program, allowing the development team a higher degree of freedom in design.

"Our Hero! Hyper Sword" involves seamlessly alternating Hack'n'Slash and platforming sections, with free-to-explore environments dotted with secrets to collect and enemies to fight in frantic real-time battles, each guarded by armored and evasive boss which require timing and tactics to hit in an opening.

Add to that a light-hearted story starring the signature characters of the series, and a game experience within the reach of anyone, thanks to the adjustable difficulty level, providing an easy experience for the more casual players as well as a truly hardcore challenge for those who really want to put their skills to the test.

Lastly, the game's main focus will be the Story Mode, playable in single-player or in local multiplayer with a friend. More game modes may be added in the future.


Are you itching to cut down a swathe of baddies, with your back stretched and a giant sword in your hands? The King is in need of help, and you've been trusted with the task of making a stand for the entire world!

Step in the shoes of the Ourhero, arm yourself with your trusty Revolt Sword, and set off on a quest to retrieve the Teorhemas Crystal and the Hyper Sword!

The devious Finalboss is racing against you to nab the Teorhemas Crystal for himself, giving himself the ultimate magical power to sink the world into despair and suffering!

Journeying through forests and fortresses, seas and skies, vast stretches of land and tight dungeons, carving your way through Finalboss and his croonies with the help of other mighty warriors and a cast of colorful NPCs assisting you in uncovering the land's treasures and secrets, and wielding an array of mighty weapons to collect and upgrade!

Are you ready?

The world of heroes awaits you!