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Unity Engine Development

We have been using Unity for years, developing for PC, mobile and web browser, publishing 2D and 3D games, up to the use of custom inspectors and custom editor tools.

C# Programming

C# language and .NET Framework are Unity's best friends, and we have a great and complete knowledge of them.

Photoshop Art

There's no game without graphic. We use Photoshop consistently , designing our characters, objects, environments, game menus and user interfaces.

We always work on something new

We always work on something new

Our latest and biggest project is Our Hero! Hyper Sword, an amazing Hack ‘n Slash adventure with funny characters and a light-hearted but engaging story.

Currently in development at our team, after been greenlit by the Steam community, is now awaiting to be released on PC and all major platforms.

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Mobile and Web development

We do like working on mobile and browser games.

We published games for Android OS on Google Play with thousands of enthusiastic players, implementing Google Play Services like leaderboards and achievements on them.

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Mobile and Web development
Team Working

Team Working

We love Game Jam’s and we join events and competitions whenever it is possible, taking the chance to meet new great developers and always learn something new from them.

You can check out Fleshforge, a Doom inspired game that won the #1 prize at the GUDEV Game Jam, in Glasgow!

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