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This game is also available in italian English.
Questo gioco è eseguibile anche in italian Italiano.

In a world where two races had been always in conflict with each other, the exact same legend is told for millennia.
The rocks have handed it down to the rivers, the rivers have handed it down to the trees and the trees have handed it down to the squirrels.
Every fifteen hundred years a terrible disaster hits the world to sweep it away completely and start over with a new life, but the legend doesn’t end here.
Every fifteen hundred years, a valiant hero is chosen in the world to try to stop the tragedy with all his strength.

You are the Ourhero!
You will save the world!

Our Hero! ORIGINS is an Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG developed with RpgMaker VX ACE in occasion of Indie Game Maker Contest! 2014.

For this game I would like to thank:
– Stefano Nesi, Dynamic Menu System and Tester;
– Nicola Nonnis, Translation Supervisor and Tester;
– Gianluca Podda, Main Tester;
– Rpg2s.net

For the script I would like to thank:
– Holy87, Galv, Daimonious Tail, Modern Algebra, Nicke, Yanfly;

For the music I would like to thank:
– Audionautix.com, Kevin MacLeod, Joel Steudler, Enterbrain, Jason Farnham;

For some graphics I would like to thank:
– Celianna.

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