What is Ste's Project?

Hi! My name is Stefano Mercadante (a.k.a. Ste), I'm from Italy and I love videogames. One day I woke up and I decided to make them.

I started to make games when I was 14, twelve years ago. I made several indie games during the years, so in the 2010 I created Ste's Project, a simple website with the purpose to collect all the games I made.

I put my games online, so people started to download them and I had thounsands of downloads! (of course, all my games were free!)

At the beginning I started using RpgMaker to make my games, but actually I feel very confortable using Unity3D. I love it.

I'm the programmer, the game designer and the artist of all my games. I love both programming and drawing, so I started to draw graphics and to code scripts. In this way is born my last game: Our Hero! Hyper Sword. I like it. I think it's pretty ambitious.

Okay, I do a lot of stuff, but I can't do everything by myself!

Some people helped me a lot and they collaborated with me to make some of these games, especially for the soundtracks (I'm really sad but I can't make music ç__ç). Other people helped me also with a correct english translation. These awesome people are listed below in the "Collaborators" section.

What I do

I make videogames in Unity.

I make C# scripts in Visual Studio.

I make graphics in Photoshop.

I make websites in WordPress.

I have experience as Web/Social Media editor, e-commerce activities, websites development, SEO and SEM.

I made ten full games in the past years and actually I'm working on my brand new game: Our Hero! Hyper Sword, which it'll be sell on Steam very soon.

I would be very happy to collaborate with your projects if you need a hand.

Feel free to contact me on the Contact page for any reason.


Ares Vaiarelli - English translator of Our Hero! ORIGINS, Eden Glosbe saga and the first playable demo of Our Hero! Hyper Sword.

Nerghray (Bryan Sterza) - Composer of Eden Glosbe soundtrack and of the Main Theme of Our Hero! Hyper Sword. You can listen his amazing tracks on ReverbNation.

Moonatic - Tester and supporter of all episodes of Our Hero!, from the trilogy till Our Hero! Hyper Sword.

Raffaele Murri & Enrico Cascavilla - They're actually working on the original soundtrack for Our Hero! Hyper Sword.